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Helping Address Implicit Bias Discrimination from a Young Age


Unleashed is a nonprofit organization that conducts evidenced-based workshops about implicit bias discrimination to middle and high school students. Participants learn about implicit bias, its negative effects, and methods to limit its impact. Students can also explore how implicit bias can intersect with gender, race, and sexuality.

Overall, Unleashed gives young people the tools to convey, empathize and impact change around issues of identity-based implicit bias discrimination. Unleashed’s mission is to create a just and inclusive society.


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of women working in STEM career fields face sexual discimination in the workplace
Companies favor male over female applicants by at least 13 percent
of women in STEM face sexual discimination in the workplace


of black people face discrimination in STEM careers
Only 17% of black men who grew up rich retain their wealth
of women in STEM face sexual discimination in the workplace


The transgender unemployment rate is triple the national average
of LGBT employees feel compelled to lie about their personal lives while at work
of women in STEM face sexual discimination in the workplace


Once we acknowledge that implicit bias exists, we can focus on strategies that deny implicit bias the chance to operate by implementing systematic changes. Unleashed accomplishes this through a curriculum that challenges students to confront these biases in safe spaces and learn about ways to lessen the discrimination that stems from them. We seek to enable young people to bring about a more diverse and inclusive society.



“Teaching a workshop gave me a chance to meet and work with people from completely different backgrounds and gain perspective and hear stories that I never could’ve imagined.”

5th Grade Student

“I always want to talk about issues like being black and you’re white so you treat me differently, but this is the first time someone actually want to talk about it with me.”

9th Grade Student

“I don’t think I realized the vastness of the history and origins of feminism and power dynamic, and talking to you truly opened me to be aware and want to learn more about both.”

Workshop Host

“The Unleashed writing workshop at the Youth Space was not only accessible to youth and young adults with varying writing abilities, it also encouraged our participants to do introspective and healing work. The activity helped our young people reflect on their experiences growing up queer and trans, and their resilience as members of this community.”


Our Founder’s Efforts Have Been Nationally Recognized

Girl Scouts of the USA

The Princeton Prize in Race Relations

Article in the Los Altos Town Crier

Boy Scouts of America


2 Congressional Commendations


Boys and Girls Clubs of America

NYC Department of Education School

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