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Leigh Shou Ho

Program Director

Leigh Ho is the Program Director and Founder of Unleashed. She is a senior at an all girls’ school in Silicon Valley. She started this organization because she believes in the power of the humanities to instigate change in the world.

Leigh feels passionately that the two components to Unleashed –implicit bias awareness and identity expression– are both valid and important to build a more equitable society. Each Unleashed workshop has a focus on race, sexuality, and gender because she believes that these are the first physical marker of “otherness.” Unleashed is rooted in the idea that people must understand their own implicit biases, proudly express the markers of our differences, and work towards reducing the negative impacts of these biases.  

As a woman of color, she cares deeply about intersectionality and she feels grateful that so many organizations have supported and believed in her rapidly growing, teen-driven non-profit!

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